World of Corruption

The rush of blood as its pumping,
Muffled beneath the sound of this harsh thumping.
Soft, shallow, and ever hollow…
My heart has chosen, my heart has spoken.

There is no escaping the fate my heart has set its rhythm to,
There is no running from the destiny I’ve set my eyes to.
My heart has decided this is where I’ll fight it.
The fear, the desperation; this is my only redemption.

This is the power of its embrace,
the might behind its lasting grace.
It’s time to reach peaks once untouchable,
Into avenues once thought impossible.

But what am I if not unique?
It is I who will choose my own destiny.
This is a test of wills, trials of skill…
There is no time to ponder what if, why or how.
This is about what’s happening now!

I used to think it was the future of which I feared,
But now, that couldn’t be more unclear.
The ever-changing present and the darkness it presents.
Temptation. Corruption. Always followed by life’s destruction.

There is truth to the words I speak,
Words of which I cannot sing.
But rather, hum silently within the mind,
Away from the confines of those who lack such light.

I know now that not everyone is the same.
There are those who live by shame and those who live by faith.
And who am I? That’s what I have to decide.
Am I to live by the light, of what’s bright, heavenly and utmost divine.
Or am I to suffer beneath the darknesses of shame and regret,
Within a world of deep resentment.

I won’t stand to lose such a fight,
Not when so much lies on the line.
This struggle within is my own,
But within this world…
I do not know. I’m left unsure; always wondering.

If I could change the tides of time, I’d pray for strength and might.
I want nothing more than to be sure of what I fight for.
Since when has my conviction become so weak.
This is so unlike me…
I am not one who gives in.
I won’t let the enemy win.

With my light, I’ll extinguish the darkness with starlight.
With many gifts granted, I’ll take this challenge and make my stand.
No matter where I land, I know exactly what is right.
By way of the light, I’ll protect these words.
All so that I can open a door to a whole new world.

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