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Fire Fighting Podcast
Thank You for Listening to Fire Fighting!! I’m Mark Aaron Alvarez, also known in the gaming community as Lord Mog.

So, over the past month I found myself obsessing over the Fire Emblem franchise. As a player who had not known much about the series outside of what I knew from Super Smash Bros., I was immediately hooked.

I’ve just finished the most recent title, but I know each campaign is only a third of the game’s entire content, so I guess I’m not totally finished yet. Anyways, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has to be my favorite Switch game. Sorry, Breath of the Wild. I know, I know. That statement might be met with great controversy, but considering my personal tastes, Three Houses and so far what I have gauged from Fire Emblem’s other titles, hold qualities that appeal to everything I love in a video game.

1. A compelling story

2. A beautiful musical score

3. Casts of diverse and likable characters

4. Tactical strategy where CONSEQUENCES can go severely punished (Granted you are playing on Classic like I am)

Fire Emblem has quickly taken its place as one of my favorite JRPG franchises of all time. And I’ve played lots of JRPGs. None, outside of Final Fantasy, have affected me quite like Fire Emblem has though. It already has started inspiring so much art in my life!

For instance, you can check out early stages of my sketch of Cain from the original Fire Emblem (Famicom, 1990) on my Instagram profile.

Even Persona and Shin Megahmi Tensei, despite loving those games, don’t have the fantasy elements, class systems, or tactical-strategy elements that I genuinely enjoy in a game. But what Fire Emblem DOES have is a social system similar to that of Persona’s social link! You can see why I can love these games, right?

Now to why this is important today… You know, I’ve been pondering this for a while and I blame mostly myself for not truly allowing myself to come into this identity as a content creator.

In the past, I’ve taken on a variety of projects, trying to get a feel for what was authentically my brand and, despite the potential of these projects, my brand has and always been Light Wings.

And if you knew the history of Light Wings (which most don’t outside myself), you know that my fantasy epic has, for the most part, been inspired by the games I play. Not the books I read like most writers, but the fantasy epics I’ve played for years.

Fire Emblem appeals to me now because its themes resonate with a lot of elements I’m currently writing into my second book, Bloodbound.

Bloodbound: Light Wings Epic Vol. 2 has had many names over the years. Light Wings: The Hateful War. Light Wings: Storm of Hatred. The point being man-to-man conflict, political struggles, family, brotherhood, and war are ALL themes heavily prevailing in Bloodbound’s narrative.

Upon playing Three Houses, I was inspired by its music, gameplay and story. It challenged me to rethink the narrative I so carefully started drafting, cultivating and nurturing new ideas, allowing me to look to Bloodbound with a fresh lense. And it was then that I came to understand the role gaming fully played in my life as a fantasy author.

Being a gamer is just as important to my brand as being an author is. In many ways, I wouldn’t be an author if I wasn’t a gamer. I owe a lot to playing these games and the inspiration they sow. They provide me with the vision and vigor to continue to tell my story, to expand upon my world, and provide it with the depth to make it grow, breathe and ultimately take life.

That is why I have decided to start a new podcast, one outside of the ones I’ve started previously. I don’t want to start a podcast or a show that focuses on my life as a writer. That’s only a part of my life, the end results of what I do day-to-day. I don’t want one about marketing because, professionally, I have plenty of other platforms or routes to take to distinguish myself there, but as a gamer… There is a passion there.

One that is ever infinite and ever inspiring.

So, it’s decided. I will pursue building a podcasting platform that discusses the various games I’m playing and how I draw inspiration from them to add to my series and other works.

In deciding on a name I decided to go with “Fire Fighting”. First, a piece of its name comes directly from the source of inspiration for my new podcast, Fire Emblem, but in blend with fighting, I emphasize my interest in fighters, while also alluding to my once-upon-a-dream aspirations of becoming a firefighter.

All in all this, title I feel reflects my altruistic and idealistic nature, as well as the themes of the games I play. I love heroes and anything good. I revere the light and the warmth it brings… It is all I fight for, so therefore the title is fitting of my personality and brand.

As of now, I’m unsure when I will drop the first episode, but it is coming soon. I expect to talk about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, my plans for playing and reviewing the entire series, the upcoming Shin Megahmi Tensei game, and some of my musings for Bloodbound, including “Edge of Dawn” the theme of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As always, it’s a pleasure… To fans and supporters of Dutybound and the Light Wings Epic, thank you for making all this possible with your continued enthusiasm and support of the series. I hope this too is something you can enjoy as you ponder your own musings of heroism, altruism, and chivalry.

Best wishes,
the one and only Lord Mog.

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