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Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Volume 1


Alvarez brings to this epic fantasy an ambitious, philosophical bent, a resonant clash between generations, and a colorful, highly visual aesthetic.


— BookLife by Publisher’s Weekly

Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Volume 1 is a coming-of-age dark fantasy novel set to release on June 22nd, 2021. The first of the Light Wings Epic trilogy, Dutybound follows Lucia Sanoon, the proclaimed savior of the Light Wings, and her companions as they seek the knowledge of how to cleanse their world of the sins that threaten to destroy their homelands.

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As long as there is Light, there is hope!

Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Volume 1 is the story of Terestria and its Virtues, heirs of nobility forced to face the Sins of their forefathers and bring their world from the brink of Darkness. Among them is Lucia Sanoon, High Maiden to the province of Moz and chosen of the Light Wings. The ancient relic, bestowed upon a long-forgotten civilization by the Light itself, was forged to harbor the Light’s essence if ever Terestria’s balance were threatened by the Darkness’ desire to corrupt the Light’s most-prized creation, Life. If successful and the long-standing covenant between the Light and its Protectors were ever to be broken, the Darkness would be free to roam Terestria and reclaim the land it had a hand in creating, bringing death and destruction to every corner of the world.

But as long as there is Light, there is hope. With the help of the Light Wings and its power, Lucia must heed its call to assemble the Light’s Virtues and lead them into battle against the very Sins that seek to destroy their world. But finding the four will not be easy, for much of the knowledge is lost and the understanding of one’s own morality is the only key to unlocking the power each of them holds within.

A story of faith and morality, Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Volume 1 will lead you through a journey of self-discovery as our heroes face conflict from outside and within themselves. Duty, desire, envy, hope, hate, love, pride, and temperance all are challenged within this series in an epic tale that is sure to have you pondering your own true nature.

Remember: Duty above all else!!

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