Consequences of Love

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There’s something I must come to terms with,A grisly fate I can’t escape.It’s hard accepting feelings I can’t quell.These works of a dangerous spell. There isn’t much I can deny.I know exactly where my heart does lie.But coming to terms … Continued

A Stretch of Faith: an excerpt from Dutybound

Lucia looked beyond the altar and into the stained glass behind it. She blinked as the light seeped through and hit the pendant at the base of her neck causing it to shine. The colors were spiraling as usual, mixing … Continued

The Memento: an excerpt from Dutybound

It had been seventeen years since the master of Moz left his province venturing forth into the farthest regions of Terestria in search of a redemption he would not find.  The morning was crisp and splendent as the spring brought … Continued