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Introspection…Staring into my own reflection,I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost.My mind obsessing over every loss.The cost of my ambition,The sacrifice of my life’s position.What is it that I seek?Is it power or something meek?Finding the words to speak … Continued

Take Me Back

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There was once a time where I felt free;When I was climbing towards this awesome peak.The world was bright as I moved closer, towards this light.My future had never seemed so right. But then something changed;And I felt this sting … Continued

A Loss of Self

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I lost a piece of myself,Searching for something nearby.I lost a part of who I was,Looking for something by my side. I wallowed in the Darkness,Along an obscured path.Malign from the blindside,I denied the comfort of the Light. I let … Continued