Consequences of Love

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There’s something I must come to terms with,A grisly fate I can’t escape.It’s hard accepting feelings I can’t quell.These works of a dangerous spell. There isn’t much I can deny.I know exactly where my heart does lie.But coming to terms … Continued

The Memento: an excerpt from Dutybound

It had been seventeen years since the master of Moz left his province venturing forth into the farthest regions of Terestria in search of a redemption he would not find.  The morning was crisp and splendent as the spring brought … Continued

Prologue: an excerpt from Dutybound

Today was a day of tragedy, though most did not know it.  Now, it was a dark and cloudless night. Not one sound broke throughout the grand white city of Moz, situated within the valley of a vast mountain range, … Continued